Global Titans is a world-class Boxing and Entertainment platform that works with Titans from the boxing world and superstar entertainers to create ground-breaking live shows and content for millions of fans around the world.

Our productions boast a truly global roster of talented world champions, elite contenders, and the rising stars of tomorrow.  Our mission is to create shows that bring joy to boxing & music fans around the world. Our team comprises for experts in their fields who continuously strive to innovate with new formats, technology, and delivery platforms so our shows & content are remembered & cherished - just like the Titans who bring them to life.


The Global Titans Boxing Academy will be launched in 2023 and is designed to provide an opportunity for the next generation of young boxers to be mentored and trained by some of the best boxing coaches and trainers on the planet.

Our mission is to promote the sport across schools starting in the UAE and then into the African subcontinent and Asia.  

Our elite commercial team will also manage talented boxers that come through our academy system and provide them with opportunities to participate in our global roster of events. This will provide academy graduates with a real career path into professional boxing.


The Global Titans Foundation will be launched in 2023 and aims to support those most in need across vulnerable communities around the world. Our ‘Fight-For-Good’ (#FightForGood) program is designed to always support the communities in which we stage our production. This is our way of giving back to the people and showing our gratitude for hosting us.

Our mandate is focused around:
Construction of orphanages & schools in the African subcontinent (and beyond)
Disaster relief & aid for major world crisis that requires urgent assistance
Spread the message of hope & positivity
Accountability for every step

"The Global Titans Boxing Academy will support the Global Titans Foundation to spread the message of hope & positivity on how boxing has the power to change the world!"

- Uday Singh, CEO